Today, there is a tale of two Midwests.

Some communities have made the transition to a new, thriving economy in a changed world. Others are still struggling.


Bucksport Maine Finds Its Heart & Soul

How can person-to-person democracy be revived? A one-time mill town in coastal Maine is a laboratory for a new approach.


Americans Are Again Remaking Their Landscape. What We Know About Where We Are Headed.

The 1880s, the 1930s, the 1950s—they dramatically reshaped America. The 2020s are likely to do so as well.


Exposing What was Already Present

The pandemic provides an opportunity to focus on justice and equity in Erie, Pennsylvania.


Tighe Bullock is working to building a vibrant, attractive downtown in West Virginia’s capital city.

Revitalizing Charleston, West Virginia Brick by Brick

Economic & Business Development

Erie’s Unlikely Benefactor: Its Casino

Legalized gambling is a familiar part of the modern American landscape. But an innovative scheme in a lakeside city in western Pennsylvania shows new possibilities for putting casino revenue to positive public use.


How America Is Putting Itself Back Together

Most people in the U.S. believe their country is going to hell. But they’re wrong. What a three-year journey by single-engine plane reveals about reinvention and renewal.

Economic & Business Development

Three Ways of Thinking About Fresno (and Why You Should Care)

A beleaguered city shows the path toward revival.

Economic & Business Development

The Question We Keep Running Into: What Turns a Town Around?

Plus, a nationwide golden age of beer.

Economic & Business Development

A New Type of Growing City

"This is where the talent wants to live"

Economic & Business Development

A City With Its Economic Bones Revealed: The Look of Sioux Falls

What factories, cathedrals, outdoor sculpture displays, and even brewpubs tell us about a town.