To Both See and Tell the Country: From the Road through North Carolina to South Carolina

Why seeing more of America matters.


'To Arrive Where We Started and Know the Place for the First Time'

The America that Americans Don't Know About, and Why That Matters


Real Mississippi podcasts: You Can Go Back Home Again

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science student Raegan Calvert explores the challenges and opportunities in her hometown of Wiggins, Mississippi


Story Maps are at the Center of Community Collaboration in Kent, Ohio

New digital tools give communities innovative and engaging ways to tell their own stories. In Kent, Ohio, a community-wide collaboration among Kent State University, Main Street Kent, and the Kent Historical Society & Museum uses story maps to teach residents about the town's rich history. 


Small towns win big honors: De Smet & Bucksport

Two small towns come out strong in a national poll. They're among our favorites, and we're glad for these results.


Tighe Bullock is working to building a vibrant, attractive downtown in West Virginia’s capital city.

Revitalizing Charleston, West Virginia Brick by Brick


Reviving the economy, restoring community, and helping sustainability: a plan.

Two Republican presidents -- Abraham Lincoln, and Dwight Eisenhower -- offered bold new approaches to transportation as part of their national strategy. A proposal


When a Company Invests in an ‘Underdog City’

The story of how a company that started in one of these places is now involving people and businesses in another—and why that matters in the next stage of equitable American recovery.

Economic & Business Development

The University of Dayton Is Reinventing Town-Gown Relations

Archway Entrance for the University of Dayton, in Ohio. “The city is in our name,” says the university’s president. “It’s our future.” (Courtesy of the University of Dayton) It’s time for another report on Dayton, Ohio, subject of this introduction last month. A century ago, Dayton was known mainly for the things it created, from the Wright Brothers’ […]

Economic & Business Development

The Death and Afterlife of the Mall

Video by The Atlantic The shopping mall has had a dramatic fall from grace. Once the veritable town square and a cornerstone of American consumerism, malls have aged into oblivion, replaced by cheaper and more convenient alternatives. Today, these sprawling complexes are mostly ghost towns—dilapidated vestiges of their former selves. In a new episode of The Idea […]

Economic & Business Development

The Gem City Moves Forward

Read the story in The Atlantic here. Overlooking downtown Dayton this autumn James Fallows / The Atlantic This is the first in a series of posts on the city of Dayton, Ohio. I’ve been there three times since August and am about to make another trip. Almost every trend affecting modern America is on display in […]

Economic & Business Development

How a City Talks About Itself

Sioux Falls in 2019


Sioux Falls is Ready for Tom Hanks

A progress report


‘A River, Not A Border’: Report from Brownsville

Striving together for good health and well being in a Texas border town.

Economic & Business Development

How Danville Has Avoided Omaha’s Mistake

How the bittersweet heritage of old buildings in Danville, Virginia has helped them avoid the mistakes of Omaha..

Economic & Business Development

The Reinvention of a Downtown: Danville’s Story Part 2

A snapshot of the efforts paying off in reviving Danville's downtown.