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Stages of a Downtown Comeback: Fresno Begins the Long Climb

Urban revivals require a shared narrative, private-sector partners, and a public official championing a far-sighted plan.

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Wasted Waterfronts: Why Cities Struggle to Build Along Rivers

The story of Allentown, Pennsylvania, as it turns its attention to a long-neglected asset

Economic & Business Development

Breathing Life Into Allentown: Pennsylvania Comes to the Rescue

What does it take to raise a city? More than a village. In fact, it may take a whole state.

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A Song of America’s Downtowns

A heartening surprise of our travel so far: the breadth, seriousness, and—in some places—success of the effort to revitalize small-town downtowns. Or, what 3 programmers from Uzbekistan taught us about America.

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Ice Cream, Chocolate, Coffee, and Beer

Take ingredients and blend, for small-town synergy.


A City’s Turning Points

The steps toward success, or failure, and why our understanding of them matters.

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The Question We Keep Running Into: What Turns a Town Around?

Plus, a nationwide golden age of beer.

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A City With Its Economic Bones Revealed: The Look of Sioux Falls

What factories, cathedrals, outdoor sculpture displays, and even brewpubs tell us about a town.

Economic & Business Development

Holland, ‘Snowmelt,’ ‘Patient Capital,’ and the Revival of Downt

"I have the best location in all of Western Michigan!"