‘How America’s Towns are Writing the Future of the Country’

Residents, coaches, reporters discuss local-level community revitalization initiative at Jefferson Educational Society Global Summit event.


Past, Present, and Future on the Water: Using StoryMaps to Explore Bucksport, Maine

What does a mile-long stretch along the Penobscot River tell the walker about Bucksport, Maine? As it turns out, a lot.


Real Mississippi podcasts: Having the Grace to Find a Sense of Place

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science student Christina Zhang explores how a church in Biloxi serves as a space to share and celebrate Asian-American culture.


Real Mississippi podcasts: You Can Go Back Home Again

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science student Raegan Calvert explores the challenges and opportunities in her hometown of Wiggins, Mississippi


Why Story Maps Matter

People understand the world through stories. People absorb their stories in ever-expanding ways. Here is a preview of a powerful, emerging form of digital story-telling, which we’ll be using frequently in this space.


Real Voices from Real Mississippi

How podcasts are reshaping how high-school students research and tell stories of their hometowns throughout Mississippi.


A Message to the Class of 2021

What's a Mike? And what makes a Mike Mighty?


2021 Eighth of May Emancipation Celebration now available on YouTube

Eighth of May Emancipation Celebration in Columbus, Mississippi now available on YouTube.


The world you can change is the world you can reach out and touch

Through research, partnerships, and performance, students are giving a voice to history’s ignored chapters to tell the fuller story of their town.


‘A Most Beautiful Thing’ in a Time of Racial Reckoning

This film's story would be surprising and engrossing at any time, but it has a current power and relevance its producers could not have foreseen when they began making it.


Can Schools ‘Teach Students to Think’?

A reader's response


How to Teach Students to Think

Students getting a 'first chance' at MSMS

Economic & Business Development

Dodge City’s New Frontier

A high school in the famed Kansas town is embracing its rapidly changing demographics.


Budget Challenges at a Remarkable Mississippi School

An update on what's happening at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science.


Punching Above Their Weight in Mississippi

Mississippi schools come in #49 in many national rankings. Read these essays and poems by high school students from Columbus, Mississippi. Then tell the folks who make up the rankings that they need a different algorithm.