'We Fly,' in Indiana

It's time to judge colleges by their contributions to the economic and civic life of their communities. Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, passes the test brilliantly.


A Student Newspaper Takes on Community Responsibilities

The Ball State Daily News has filled a local journalism gap.


‘When Gown Embraces Town’: Two Stories from Indiana

What is happening in the 'Middletown' of Muncie, and why it matters.


An Outsider Works with Insiders: Examples from Akron and Cleveland

Mac Love, who has spent much of his life outside Ohio, uses new technologies to bring community residents and college students together. That collaborative approach is now helping citizens’ voices be heard and is driving meaningful change in their neighborhoods.   


Q&A: How to Support Rural Students Pursuing Higher Education

Matt Newlin is a higher education consultant and founder of the podcast The Rural College Student Experience. He advocates for rural students pursuing college.


Story Maps are at the Center of Community Collaboration in Kent, Ohio

New digital tools give communities innovative and engaging ways to tell their own stories. In Kent, Ohio, a community-wide collaboration among Kent State University, Main Street Kent, and the Kent Historical Society & Museum uses story maps to teach residents about the town's rich history. 


The Past, the Future, the Present: Updates from Coast to Coast

A Fellow named, college services goes big, and scenes from a Day of Enlightened Living -- here are three updates on stories we've been following on this site over the years.

Economic & Business Development

What Post-pandemic Repair Could Look Like

An update, following a report last month, on plans to repair the damage now being done.

Economic & Business Development

The University of Dayton Is Reinventing Town-Gown Relations

Archway Entrance for the University of Dayton, in Ohio. “The city is in our name,” says the university’s president. “It’s our future.” (Courtesy of the University of Dayton) It’s time for another report on Dayton, Ohio, subject of this introduction last month. A century ago, Dayton was known mainly for the things it created, from the Wright Brothers’ […]


The Power of a Community College

Readers weigh in


An Engineering School Pulls Off an ‘Epic Trick Play’

Daring and Guts Pay off for Trine University


A Community Finding a Path Forward

The civic-renewal mix in Angola, Indiana


Deb Fallows at the University of Redlands

During our West Coast travels for American Futures reports in the winter of 2014-2015, my wife Deb and I were based at the University of Redlands, in southern California. From there we did reports on neighboring San Bernardino, Riverside, Fresno, and Winters in California; Ajo, Arizona; central Oregon; and other locales. This weekend Deb was back at the university as one of […]

Economic & Business Development

Why an F-16 Hit a Cessna, and Some More-Upbeat Updates

Sobering news from the NTSB, but encouraging news from Maine to California


A City’s Turning Points

The steps toward success, or failure, and why our understanding of them matters.