‘Change is in the Air – in Redlands!’

A panel of residents, business owners, and community stakeholders discuss the southern California city then, and now.


'Uniting Americans through Service: How California is Leading'

California's Chief Service Officer discusses the California Volunteers' initiatives -- the impact CalVols is having in the state, and how it serves as a model nationwide at Jefferson Educational Society Global Summit event at the University of Redlands.


To Both See and Tell the Country: From the Road through North Carolina to South Carolina

Why seeing more of America matters.


What Happened at Chautauqua, and Why It Matters

Friday, Aug. 12, an assailant rushed the stage at the Chautauqua Institution. He stabbed Salman Rushdie in the neck and abdomen. Rushdie was not the only victim in this attack.


What Could Go Right?

How do global changes affect us on the local level, and vice versa?

Civic Life

Bring in the Refugees

The most encouraging front-page headline I’ve seen in the New York Times in a long time was this, from Labor Day. It was on a story by Miriam Jordan and Jennifer Steinhauer, and it said: For the moment, let’s set aside the obvious complications and caveats: Who exactly made it out of Afghanistan, and didn’t. When and where […]


Creating and Reimagining Community through a Crisis

A look at the impact of Covid-19 on the culture sector in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Immigrants & Refugees

Ajo, Arizona, is the story of a better America

The village of Ajo, Arizona near the Organ Pipe cactus national monument   Deborah Fallows is the co-author with her husband, Atlantic writer James Fallows, of “Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America.” An HBO documentary based on the book is currently in production. Fallows is also a fellow at New America. […]

Immigrants & Refugees

A Post-Election Field Report From America’s Refugees and Immigrants

Words and stories from the towns where the newest Americans live

Economic & Business Development

‘America Is a Dream Country’

What does it mean to spend years as a Syrian refugee and then land in a brand new life in Erie, Pennsylvania?

Economic & Business Development

Educating Migrant Children in Dodge City

"We're a port of entry 1,000 miles from the border."

Economic & Business Development

From Burma to Burlington: The Story of ‘Brings Luck’

A refugee finding a new life.