Local Institutions

The New Approach to Local Journalism

The Shawangunk Journal offices in Ellenville, New York. Backwards sign made by artist Roger Baker. (Courtesy of Amberly Jane Campbell) Here’s another installment in the ongoing series on how local news operations, especially newspapers, can devise new ways to stay in business. For previous entries—from Mississippi, from Maine, from Massachusetts, from Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, from Massachusetts again, and […]

Local Institutions

There’s Hope for Local Journalism

Everyone knows that local newspapers are in trouble. That’s why Deb Fallows and I have been chronicling examples of smaller papers that have bucked the economic trend—in Mississippi, in coastal Maine, in rural communities across the country. But what “everyone knows” about the main source of the problem may be wrong—or misleading enough to divert attention away from a […]

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‘Local, Local, Local’:

How a Small Newspaper Survives

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