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California High-Speed Rail No. 6: Some Views From the Valley

People in Los Angeles and San Francisco often say that the initial links in a proposed north-south system would be "trains to nowhere." People from nowhere weigh in.

Economic & Business Development

California High-Speed Rail No. 5: 10 Readers With 10 Views

A solution looking for a problem? A genuine leap forward? The best we can expect from messy political half-measures? Or something truly brave? Take your pick.

Economic & Business Development

California High-Speed Rail No. 3: Let’s Hear From the Chairman

It's time for broader national attention to the most expensive and ambitious infrastructure proposal in America today.

Economic & Business Development

California High-Speed Rail No. 4: 7 Ways in Which High-Speed Rai

For your reference, the chairman's detailed pro-and-con about the most ambitious current attempt to change America's transportation infrastructure

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California High-Speed Rail No. 2 The Critics’ Case

Every big infrastructure project is controversial. Most of them work out better than critics contend early on. But maybe the critics are right about high-speed rail. Let's hear what they say.

Economic & Business Development

The California High-Speed Rail Debate Kicking Things Off

The Erie Canal. The transcontinental railroad. The Interstate Highway system. Big, expensive, controversial—and indispensable. Is the next one in this series a new rail network in our most famously freeway-centric state?

Economic & Business Development

Smaller Towns as Talent Magnets: The Chance to Make Things Work

"The kind of people who might have gone to NASA in the 1960s, Wall Street in the 1980s, or Silicon Valley in the late 1990s are now, I think, more likely than ever to work in municipal government." So says a well-educated young small-town mayor.

From the Readers

Reparations, from Minnesota to Mississippi

The regional differences, and similarities, in the long struggle to come to terms with racial injustice in the United States.


The Modern Orphans of Mississippi

"Actually, the children live very well."

Leaders & Governance

The Vermont Lake Monsters, and Other Updates From the Road

Are people in smaller towns "nicer" than cosmopolitans? No. But their political structures are working better.

Economic & Business Development

The Parks and Recreation Theory of America’s Future

What we discuss at the national level has surprisingly little to do with startup decisions. Some provocative data about where America is growing, and why.

Economic & Business Development

Luck? Planning? Karma? The Elements of a Small Town’s High-Tech

A software company grows in an unlikely setting. "Why here?" we ask the founders.


A City’s Turning Points

The steps toward success, or failure, and why our understanding of them matters.


Building a Museum: Report From Down East

A Maine couple defies the odds -- and helps to build community in the process.

Economic & Business Development

Small Town, Big Tides, Bigger Ambitions

Ocean Renewable Power in Eastport

Economic & Business Development

Back on the Bright Side: Silicon Valley in Vermont

Why did this company end up on the shores of Lake Champlain, rather than on the San Francisco Bay or Puget Sound?