A Library Garden Celebrates Reading, Art, and Nature

In 2015, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania relocated the town's library to a bigger space to better serve its growing population. A year later, when tragedy struck, the community stepped up to grow the library to include a reading garden.


Building Bridges Within and Among Communities Through Stories

Not all bridges are physical. The ways communities are connecting with one another, and themselves, is happening differently in light of COVID-19 and with new tools like OurStoryBridge: an online platform that captures and houses community stories.


“Ally-Shore” to Restore U.S. Economic Leadership and Protect Democracy

"Allyshoring" offers the United States benefits locally, nationally, and internationally. What is "allyshoring," why does it matter? Why is it important now? Elaine Dezenski and John Austin explain.


Exposing What was Already Present

The pandemic provides an opportunity to focus on justice and equity in Erie, Pennsylvania.


Creating and Reimagining Community through a Crisis

A look at the impact of Covid-19 on the culture sector in Erie, Pennsylvania.


New Lessons of the New Deal

I was talking with the mayor of a "red state" city about how his community was weathering today's public-health and financial crises.

Economic & Business Development

What Post-pandemic Repair Could Look Like

An update, following a report last month, on plans to repair the damage now being done.