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What Rural Economies Look Like From Above

In Kansas, the advent of an energy industry is inscribing itself on the physical landscape, adding wind farms to wheat farms.

Economic & Business Development

The Multi-Dimensional Reality of the Nation,

vs. the Flattened Reality of National Politics

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A Good Start

Bobby's Story

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America by Air:


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Awards for Civic Engagement:

37 New Examples

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Paradise Duluth

Postcard of the old Clyde Iron Works in its prime, via Perfect Duluth Day. As part of the unfolding saga of start-up businesses as the crucial creators of new jobs, and of particular start-ups like craft breweries (along with tech incubators, arts companies, manufacturing “maker spaces,” and others) in bringing life to fringe areas of recovering cities, I talked […]

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America 2016, in 2 Quotes

Read the story in The Atlantic  here. From Donald Trump’s rally in Bethpage, Long Island, this week. The saying on that sign is not one of the quotes I have in mind. (Carlo Allegri / Reuters) Quote one, from Michael Cohen’s report for the Boston Globe on the big Trump rally in Long Island. Emphasis added: A smiling […]

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Hmmm, Why Does This Sound Familiar?

Part 1,293

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Craft Breweries:

No, I'm Not Kidding, They Actually Matter in Civic Development!


Listening to Montana

In Chester, Montana, a world away from city life inspires an artist's music.

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With the PBS NewsHour

in Greenville, SC

From the Readers

Local Success, National Paralysis:

How Does it Balance Out?

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Hmmm, This Sounds Like Something I Would Agree With

Read the story in The Atlantic  here. From Thomas Friedman in the NYT, emphasis added: … what will be required to produce resilient citizens and communities [is] forcing a politics that is much more of a hybrid of left and right. It is the kind of politics you already see practiced in successful communities and towns in […]

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Hmmm, Where Have We Heard This Before? (Super Tuesday Edition)

Read the story in The Atlantic  here. Headline on an editorial-page essay in this morning’s NYT: From the essay itself: In the presidential primary on Tuesday, Texas Republicans seem set to throw themselves behind the two candidates [Trump and Cruz] who are doing all they can to stress the seams, pop the rivets, blow apart whatever counts as […]

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In Which Warren Buffett Agrees With Me (or Perhaps Vice Versa)

Read the story in The Atlantic  here. Warren Buffett playing ping-pong, at a Berkshire Hathaway meeting last year. Another billionaire looks on. (Rick Wilking / Reuters) When I was living in and reporting from China, I spent a lot of time trying to hammer this point home: whatever you might say about China — good […]

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Fareed Zakaria GPS, and Another Traveler’s Views

One of the founders of the successful and stylish Loll furniture company, at the the headquarters in Duluth. The company’s story is one I describe in the magazine article and talked about today on CNN. This morning I was on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS program on CNN, talking about the project behind my current Atlantic cover story. A YouTube version […]