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Eastport Road Map

Global Meets Local in a Very Small Town

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Eastport on Marketplace

Hearing voices you won't forget, from a small group of inventive and determined people.

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Eastport, Maine, Population 1,300

On a per capita basis, one of the grittiest and most inventive places in America.

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Notes Cheering and Otherwise, From an American Frontier

Where the country first sees the sunlight each day.

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Now, for More Good News About America: Avidyne to the Rescue!

When you have the opportunity to give a deserved compliment, don't let it pass.

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EATNN TTUNA SNWCH – hold (at) MAYYO: More on the Secret Language

"The approach fixes, in order, are TRAMP, FLOZY, SILKY, and JAKOR. I'm sensing a pattern here but would love to know the back story."

Reports From America


The Secret Language of the Skies

Economic & Business Development

If You Thought a Profitable Newspaper Was Surprising, How About

More strange tales from the North Country.

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‘Baltimore Altimeter, 30.46’

Snapshots From a Clear Day in the Northeast


‘Say Souls On Board,’ and Other Secrets of the Skies

Read the story in The Atlantic  here. When I fly on commercial airlines, I always try to listen to the air traffic controllers (ATC) on my headset. On United Airlines, that would be channel 9. After 9/11, channel 9 went quiet for many, many months. Then it occasionally, irregularly returned. When I would ask the […]

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Road Report: Sarah Lee Guthrie

Why someone had to invent the word "serendipity."

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Welcome Marketplace Listeners, to American Futures

Kicking off a new collaborative project

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Today’s Frightening / Inspiring Aerial Videos

How fire-fighting looks from the tanker-pilots' point of view.

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If We’re Talking American Orientalism …

Read the story in The Atlantic  here. Etching of the ominous country under discussion, above, by Janet Edwards of Redlands. … as I was doing previously here and here, I thought it would be worth going back to re-read Joan Didion’s 1966 Saturday Evening Post article that so offended my home town back when I was in high school and before Joan […]

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A Theory of Mountain Flying

The safety virtues of multi-modal transportation.

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Readers on ‘American Orientalism’

Good thing I didn't mention snowmobiles.