Towns and cities across the country are today’s incubators, driving the modern story of American renewal. From the arts to education, from policy to sustainability, from craft beer to river walks, through public institutions, civic organizations, and citizen power, people are innovating to move their communities, and the country, forward even at a time of national-level political division. 

The Our Towns Civic Foundation is devoted to connecting the people and telling the stories of this movement. Our reports and features cover a wide range of issues, but we concentrate on innovation at the smaller-town, neighborhood, and regional levels. We are looking for stories about promising approaches from one community that might be shared elsewhere. Our stories have covered community and economic development; environment and sustainability; education; the future of journalism; the future of technology at the local level; rural and regional growth; and more. We are looking for an editor-writer to join our team. This role will report to Our Towns Editorial Director. The location for this position is flexible.


In this role, the editor-writer will work with in-house and freelance reporters around the country to source, assign, edit, and manage stories for Our Towns features, story maps, podcasts, and more. We are particularly looking for an editor-writer familiar with both sustainability issues in the broadest sense, and with community life. 

The editorial part of the role includes working with and building out a team that values hard work, curiosity, creativity, and a strong, clear command of all that goes into original, fact-based, and bright, compelling reporting and storytelling. The role also includes developing ideas, sharp line-editing, and talent cultivation. The writing part of the role includes contributing your own stories.

How to Apply

Please send your résumé, cover letter, and links to two or three of your published works that you consider a good match with the kinds of stories you’ll find on our website. Please note that most of our stories are 1,000 – 2,000 words in length.

If you are primarily an editor, please send us a few stories you have edited and describe how you have worked on these as an editor. 

We also welcome short story pitches (about 300 words for a pitch, please) that you imagine match the subject matter and length of an Our Towns piece. 

Please submit to jobs@OurTownsFoundation.org with “Our Towns Editor-Writer Search” in the subject line. 


Our Towns compensation is competitive with the startup, nonprofit industry. This is an independent contractor position, averaging 40 hours per week.

Before expressing your interest to report for Our Towns, we strongly encourage prospective contributors to read through stories on our website to get a sense of the original, fact-based, and bright, compelling reporting and storytelling we publish.

Typical features and reports range between 1,000 and 2,000 words, but there is room for pieces both shorter and longer. The Our Towns team values hard work, curiosity, creativity, and a strong, clear command of engaging storytelling.