November 14, 2019

Deborah Fallows Featured on The Rural Blog

Deborah Fallows was featured in The Rural Blog for her appearance at the first ever Rural Women’s Summit in Greenville, SC in late October. Fallows writes that in her travels with journalist husband James, “Meeting a wide variety of exceptional women along the way has been a particular joy.” But she describes the summit as hitting the “motherlode.”

“They met to talk about civic life, incarceration, health, water, education, poverty, faith, relationships, conservation, family, entrepreneurship, all in the context of women living in rural America,” Fallows writes. “They framed their comments from their experiences as women in the military, as organizers of movements, as filmmakers, journalists, artists, nurses, lawyers, civic leaders, mothers, convicts, politicians, faith leaders, actors, and more.”

Read the article here.