September 19, 2019

Fallowses Featured in Roanoke Times Editorial

Lessons from Danville

The Roanoke Times‘ September 19, 2019 editorial discusses Danville, Virginia’s comeback, as highlighted recently by the Fallowses. The article describes the city’s transformation from “a Southern mill town without any active mills to a poster child for how to build a new economy out of the ruins.”

The Fallowses highlighted three things that have powered Danville’s transition from the industrial age to the information age — and, the article points out, not a single one has been directed by the federal government. The editorial concludes, “National politicians can be glib about assigning blame — be it foreign competition or rapacious corporations — but local leaders need to ignore all that and get to work fixing their own communities. The lesson for voters: If your local elected officials aren’t doing that, replace them with ones who will.”