October 14, 2018

Featured in Governing

In his 9-28-18 article in Governing, senior editor Alan Ehrenhalt discusses in the Fallowes’ Our Towns and Bruce Katz and Jeremy Nowak’s The New Localism that, he maintains, both make the argument that, “Federal and state government may be a mess, but local governments are an increasingly positive force, innovating and solving problems that would have been beyond them a generation ago.”

Ehrenhalt posits, “The most interesting challenge may not be identifying these tangible triumphs but gaining insight into what makes them happen.”

Finally, as the Fallowses conclude in Our Towns, he resolves, “there is one common strand that runs through nearly every successful locality these authors visited. It’s the presence of collaboration: the ability of local elected officials to work with chambers of commerce, universities, foundations and other nonprofits to formulate ambitious plans and see them through.”