November 07, 2018

Featured in The Washington Post

Washington Post, Trump is Trying to Scare Us

In his November 6, 2018 opinion column, Jonathan Capehart writes, “Five years ago, James Fallows and his wife Deborah set out on a journey to discover America. The result became their book, Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America. And they came away with a view of our nation that is more hopeful than the tenor and tone our national politics would allow. On this day, when Americans are going to the polls to have a say in their democracy, I wanted to give you something other than exit polls and election results to obsess over. What the Fallowses discovered was a nation splitting in two between national politics and local politics. The former is dysfunctional, while the latter is filled with positive action.”

Listen to the podcast, Capehart’s latest episode of “Cape Up,” “to get a more hopeful vision of your country — one that is not mired in discussions about walls and caravans and hateful rhetoric.”