October 30, 2018

Featured in Voices of Monterey Bay

Voices of Monterey Bay

In his column in the not-for-profit bilingual news organization Voices of Monterey Bay, Peter Hiller describes his recent visits to take a fresh look at his local library — visits spurred by his reading of Our Towns. Author Deborah Fallows found that, “in most growing and revisualizing towns that libraries provide much more than a place to check out a book. I learned that in the library, I could discover the spirit of a town, get a feel for the people’s needs and wants, and gauge their energy and mettle.”

Hiller concludes, “In her observations of libraries, Deborah Fallows has discovered that an awareness of technology, focus on education, and engagement with the community are among the linchpins of successful libraries these days. My experience — at the Seaside branch of the Monterey County Free Libraries system — certainly confirms this library as a dynamic center for this community.”