April 14, 2019

Named American Geographical Society Honorary Fellow

American Geographical Society Names James Fallows Honorary Fellow

James Fallows was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the American Geographical Society (AGS) on April 5, 2019 at the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers. The Fellowship is bestowed on individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of geography. AGS has awarded Honorary Fellowships since its founding in 1851 and previous awardees are some of the most recognized names in geographical and exploration history. This link lists the roll from 1918.

Dr. Deborah Popper, AGS Vice President and chair of the Honors and Awards Committee, notes, “I’ve benefited from reading James Fallows’ work since the ’70s. He’s got a range, depth, and humanity that helps us understand places in themselves and their place in the larger national and global systems.”