November 18, 2018

Review of Talk at Jefferson Educational Society’s Global Summit X Authors Examine

Ron Leonardi of reported on the Fallowses’ appearance as the closing speaker in the Jefferson Educational Society’s Global Summit X. The Fallowses, he said, found Erie, like many other cities across the country, were dealing with problems including, “industrial dislocation, dealing with ethnic change with refugees and immigrans, school funding, the opioid epidemic, and generational shifts.” In their book, Our Towns, they point out key initiatives in Erie. James Fallows said, “Our message is that we are impressed by the effort, the possibility, the spirit that is in Erie, including with it a generational shift, which is something we’ve seen in a lot of cities around the country. There are new things and new possibilities, and I think some of those are the combination of the Erie Insurance building downtown, this Velocity building and a lot of the techs that are here.”