November 08, 2019

Deborah Fallows Featured on The Newsworthy Podcast

The Thursday, November 7, 2019 The Newsworthy podcast episode features Deb Fallows speaking on “Why American Workers are Moving to Smaller Cities.”

To listen, go to this link and advance the episode to the 8:00 minute mark.

March 30, 2019

Featured on The Diane Rehm Show

James Fallows was the featured guest on the March 29, 2019 edition of WAMU‘s The Diane Rehm Show.

Listen to the program here.

March 22, 2019

Featured on WFYI Indianapolis

James and Deborah Fallows were the featured guests on WFYI Indianapolis’No Limits” program on March 19, 2019 discussing community revitalization and how cities around Indiana are tackling the issue. Listen here.

The Fallowses are in Indiana kicking off INseparable, a two-year Indiana Humanities initiative to bring Hoosiers together across boundaries, real or imagined.

March 16, 2019

Featured on West Virginia Public Broadcasting

In her March 14, 2019 podcast with James and Deborah Fallows, West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s Roxy Todd explores the sense of hope the Fallowses found for the economic future of smaller, rural communities.

When a large employer goes away, Jim Fallows said, communities need to look to a diversity of smaller initiatives, some of which will succeed. “You don’t know which bet is gonna make it,” Fallows said, “so you make lots of bets.” Listen to the podcast here.

March 02, 2019

Listen Tonight on Thacker Mountain Radio Hour

Listen Saturday evening, March 2, 2019 as James and Deborah Fallows are featured on the Thacker Mountain Radio Hour from Off Square Books in Oxford, MS.

The show will be aired on Mississippi and Alabama Public networks:

  • Mississippi: Saturday, March 2, 7pm Central, go to this link.
  • Alabama: Saturday, March 2, 9pm Central, go to this link.

February 26, 2019

Featured on Esri Podcast

Esri’s Analyst Relations Lead Crista Crum hosts this podcast during which the Fallowses detail their findings from five years of interactions with business leaders, government leaders, and educators in some of America’s most resilient communities.

Listen to the podcast here.

Esri, the world leader in spatial analytics, hosts the podcast series to profile business and technology leaders who share analysis, insights, and stories leveraging the power of location intelligence.

February 18, 2019

Featured on WITF’s Smart Talk

WITF Smart TalkWITF Smart Talk Our Towns

WITF’s February 18th Smart Talk program features James and Deborah Fallows discussing the characteristics of successful cities.

Smart Talk, hosted by Scott LaMar, is a daily, live, interactive program featuring conversations with newsmakers and experts in a variety of fields and exploring a wide range of issues and ideas. It airs live every week day at 9am and 7pm on WITF’s 89.5 and 93.3 in the central Pennsylvania region.

January 04, 2019

Featured on Boston’s NPR Station, WGBH

WBGH Five Ways to De-Trumpify Your Life in 2019

In his January 2nd commentary for Boston’s WGBH NPR station, Dan Kennedy outlines five ideas to combat the fatigue of Trump news. Number three on his list is to, “Become a news locavore,” — pay attention to what’s going on in your own community. He references James and Deborah Fallowses’ Our Towns book as an expanded example of the idea.

December 28, 2018

Named to NPR’s ‘Charlotte Talks’ Best of 2018

Best of Charlotte Talks

The Charlotte Talks staff named ‘Our Towns’ A Glimpse into Small Town America with James and Deborah Fallows to their top 10 list of favorite shows in 2018. Said host Mike Collins, “…as a married writers couple, they have a light, easy way of sharing their experiences and thoughts that made for a very entertaining and interesting hour.”

November 14, 2018

Interview on WFAE’s ‘Charlotte Talks’

WFAE Charlotte Talks

Listen to James and Deborah Fallowses’ interview with Mike Collins on Charlotte Talks.

June 29, 2018

Interviewed for On The Media

June 23, 2018

Featured on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour

“Ralph talks to Atlantic magazine writer and former protégé, James Fallows, about the trip he took with his wife, Deborah, that resulted in their book, “Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America.” Plus, wunderkind, Felix Finkbeiner, joins us to report on his mission to plant a trillion trees around the world.”

May 22, 2018

Featured on 89.3 WFPL

“But by contrast, city by city by city in most parts of the country, even those dealing most seriously with the opioid disaster, even those that have had the most significant economic dislocation, we found people generally feeling that they were experimenting, finding successful paths forward and moving in the right direction rather than the wrong direction.”

May 20, 2018

Interviewed on Pacifica Radio

May 17, 2018

Featured on PlayerFM

“Chronicling their experience traveling the country in a single-engine prop plane, the married duo share what they learned about America’s smaller communities that are often overlooked by the media.”