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Towns and cities from coast to coast are today’s incubators for ideas driving the modern story of American renewal. From the arts to education, from public policy to sustainability, from craft beer to river walks, people are experimenting in innovative ways that drive progress. We tell the stories of what they’re doing here.

Parks, Rec & Fun

Welcome Marketplace Listeners, to American Futures

Kicking off a new collaborative project

Economic & Business Development

Welcome to Sioux Falls

A successful, energetic, rough-edged, and therefore typically American town

From the Readers

American Futures: Grand Finale Holland-Palooza

A small arena in which many dramas are being played out.

Economic & Business Development

The Next Lesson From Holland: Why Local Money Matters

In an age of globalized companies and relentless focus on “shareholder value,” a reminder of what local ownership can mean.


The Surprising News From One Small Town About Immigration Reform

In a place as unlike Miami, New York, or L.A. as you can imagine, America’s unsettled immigration policy has a profound effect.

Parks, Rec & Fun

Today’s Frightening / Inspiring Aerial Videos

How fire-fighting looks from the tanker-pilots’ point of view.

Reports From America

Rapid City Report:

What Does Green Mean?

Parks, Rec & Fun

If We’re Talking American Orientalism …

Read the story in The Atlantic  here. Etching of the ominous country under discussion, above, by Janet Edwards of Redlands. … as I was doing previously here and here, I thought it would be worth going back to re-read Joan Didion’s 1966 Saturday Evening Post article that so offended my home town back when I was in high school and before Joan […]

Parks, Rec & Fun

A Theory of Mountain Flying

The safety virtues of multi-modal transportation.

Economic & Business Development

The ‘Rapid’ Story:

Trains, Planes, and the Making of a City

From the Readers

Readers on ‘American Orientalism’

Good thing I didn’t mention snowmobiles.


On the ‘Orientalism’ of the Prairie

What happens when the “ordinary objects of our culture” are treated as curiosities.