We are pleased to have you republish our stories from Our Towns Civic Foundation. They are free to republish through a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Find and click the “Republish” button on a story page. Then copy and paste the contents as directed. Please follow our Republishing Policy, as noted below: 

Credit Us

Please attribute the story to Our Towns Civic Foundation in a clear and visible way, using language like this:  “This story was originally published by the Our Towns Civic Foundation. For more on American renewal, visit” Be sure to also credit the author in the byline, using language like this: Ben Speggen / Our Towns

Link back to the original article. For print publications, a link to our homepage is appropriate. For online publishers, we ask you to use the link to our original URL, if possible. 

Note: Using the republish button found on our story pages to copy and paste the article, will already include the above attribution language and links.

No Major Edits

Minor changes accounting for references to time and place are acceptable, as are small edits to match the editorial style of your publication. Beyond that, the story should run in its entirety as it appears on our site. If you’re seeking a more intensive approach to tailoring our work to your audience or format, please contact our team at

Check the Fine Print

While our original content is free to share, sometimes we are the ones sharing stories and content from others. Some of these items may have limited copyright. Below is a quick guide on some common situations and limitations.

If a story is already republished from somewhere else, you’ll need to get permission from the original creator to use it. These articles will not carry a Republish button. We also mark these stories at the very top with the message, “This story was originally published by…” We also typically note this in the author byline (e.g., Tim Marema / The Daily Yonder). Many of our republished stories come from organizations that have similar rules to those used by the Our Towns Civic Foundation.

Note: If a story is not immediately available for republication, we will not include the republish button on the story page.

Confirm that the photos and images in a story are available before using them. You are free to use images created exclusively by Our Towns. You may also use any images clearly marked as falling under a Creative Commons license. Photos and images from the Associated Press (AP) or noted as provided to the Our Towns Civic Foundation “courtesy of” another source are not available to be used for republication. When in doubt send us an email at and we are happy to help.


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Stay in Touch

We are always delighted to see our stories picked up and published elsewhere, but keeping tabs on it all can be hard. Please let us know when you republish one of our stories. We’re at