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Downtown Winters, California, today. (James Fallows)
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As my wife Deb and I have traveled around the country, we’ve stayed with friends, in daring motels, and once in a windowless, converted shipping container, which fortunately had a ventilation system. It’s all worth it for the cause.

Last night in Davis, California — closest place with a hotel to our recent target-city of Winters — we enlarged our experience by staying in a place while, unannounced in its online literature, it was in the middle of being demolished/ improved. The arrow points to our strategically positioned room.

Fortunately, if there had been some emergency in the night, quick access to a dive for safety was just outside our door. All we had to do was leap.

Ah well.  On the other hand, a few miles away the agricultural scenery around Winters was of surpassing beauty. These are nut trees.

Orchards outside Winters, California, on March 20, 2014.

More about the place and its people tomorrow. If you want tips on where not to stay in Davis, come to us.


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