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The flight line this afternoon at KSBD, San Bernardino International Airport (James Fallows)
I was traveling by small airplane in Southern California today, in preparation for an upcoming series of reports in our American Futures project. I was feeling like Mr. Cool as I brought in my beloved Cirrus SR-22, after a landing, toward the elegant Luxivair terminal at the former Norton Air Force Base, now San Bernardino International.

And then I pulled up next to … this craft, the Darth Vader-looking thing above. (Next to which mine looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost. I will have to paint some shark teeth on it.) This ominous other plane said “U.S. Air Force” on the side, yet in hipster black-on-black lettering that made me wonder.

That is all. Tomorrow back to “Chickenhawk” updates from the news and from reader mail.


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