Inside Our Towns: Josh Fryday, California's Chief Service Officer

National division might grab headlines, but the story of uniting citizens through service in California is growing.


Push for Electric Ag Equipment in Oregon Is Led by Independent Groups

With volatility being an integral part of farming, electric ag equipment could bring some predictability to farmers’ energy use and consumption, say experts.


Inside Our Towns: Tighe Bullock

Evan Sanford catches up with Tighe Bullock, the accountant, lawyer, downtown developer, and construction contractor, on his latest work in Charleston, West Virginia.


Global Effort Takes Libraries to the People

Libraries Without Borders finds innovative ways to meet community residents where they are to provide equitable access to the range of services today’s libraries offer.


What's the Quickest Way to Make a Big Difference, Through a Little Step? It's Right There in the Backyard.

Change comes slowly, then all at once.


Human’s Power versus Nature’s Power

What power do communities have at the local level when it comes to the environment?

Economic & Business Development

What the Renewable-Energy Economy Looks Like

Another gigantic turbine blade is delivered in Spearville, Kansas Nicolas Pollock / The Atlantic At its peak, nearly one century ago in 1920, the coal-mining industry employed nearly 800,000 people in the United States. Decade by decade, as America’s population has swelled and its economy has grown, and as total coal output as also increased, employment […]