How Infrastructure Funding Is Bringing High-Speed Internet to Hard-to-Reach Places

A fresh round of funds was pumped into the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s ReConnect Broadband project when the infrastructure bill passed a year ago. That investment is bringing connectivity to some of the most rugged and remote corners of the country.


How a Foundation Transforms the Well-Being of Residents

Our Towns' Ben Speggen talks with the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation team to discuss how the Foundation is empowering community development, has transformed a former grocery store into an innovative hub for nonprofits, and more.


Meadville Leaders Turn a Community's Plan into Action

Community leaders in Meadville, Pennsylvania listened to, and included, residents in planning and policymaking to drive informed change.


What Midwest Industrial Communities Can Teach About Managing Economic Change

With a great convergence on both sides of the Atlantic around the urgent need to diminish geographic economic disparities and opportunity gaps — particularly those between thriving global city regions and struggling communities in industrial heartlands – there are growing efforts to learn from each other.


'Uniting Americans through Service: How California is Leading'

California's Chief Service Officer discusses the California Volunteers' initiatives -- the impact CalVols is having in the state, and how it serves as a model nationwide at Jefferson Educational Society Global Summit event at the University of Redlands.


‘How America’s Towns are Writing the Future of the Country’

Residents, coaches, reporters discuss local-level community revitalization initiative at Jefferson Educational Society Global Summit event.

Big Little Ideas

How Local Governments Can Engage Residents of All Ages

When community members can't, or don't, or won't, go to town halls to attend local government meetings, some local elected officials have found a way to go to their constituents.


Inside Our Towns: Josh Fryday, California's Chief Service Officer

National division might grab headlines, but the story of uniting citizens through service in California is growing.


Inside Our Towns: Jason Neises

Discussing opportunities, real and perceived challenges in small-town America, and the impact of Community Heart & Soul in Iowa.


A Remarkable Woman Builds a Remarkable Library

This is the story of how a late-1800s free public library built by Amelia S. Givin in Mt. Holly Springs, Pennsylvania continues to bring the region together today.


Never Too Soon: Engaging America’s Youngest Citizens Early and Often

Americans know that retaining their young people requires getting them involved in the civic process early and often.

Civic Life

A Southern City Shows How to Deal With the Past

This is how it looks when a community, its faith and civic organizations, and some of its leading citizens face difficult truths.


Bucksport Maine Finds Its Heart & Soul

How can person-to-person democracy be revived? A one-time mill town in coastal Maine is a laboratory for a new approach.

Civic Life

A ‘Climate Corps’ of California Volunteers

Designed to address both the causes and the effects of California's exposure to climate change.