What Midwest Industrial Communities Can Teach About Managing Economic Change

With a great convergence on both sides of the Atlantic around the urgent need to diminish geographic economic disparities and opportunity gaps — particularly those between thriving global city regions and struggling communities in industrial heartlands – there are growing efforts to learn from each other.


Inside Our Towns: Tighe Bullock

Evan Sanford catches up with Tighe Bullock, the accountant, lawyer, downtown developer, and construction contractor, on his latest work in Charleston, West Virginia.


Bucksport Maine Finds Its Heart & Soul

How can person-to-person democracy be revived? A one-time mill town in coastal Maine is a laboratory for a new approach.


Tighe Bullock is working to building a vibrant, attractive downtown in West Virginia’s capital city.

Revitalizing Charleston, West Virginia Brick by Brick


When a Company Invests in an ‘Underdog City’

The story of how a company that started in one of these places is now involving people and businesses in another—and why that matters in the next stage of equitable American recovery.


New Lessons of the New Deal

I was talking with the mayor of a "red state" city about how his community was weathering today's public-health and financial crises.

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How a Small Brewery Can Survive COVID-19

A bellwether business category, figuring out how and whether it can survive.

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What happens to small companies now?

The path small, locally conscious firms are taking to survive the current economic and public health disaster.

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Paradise Duluth

Postcard of the old Clyde Iron Works in its prime, via Perfect Duluth Day. As part of the unfolding saga of start-up businesses as the crucial creators of new jobs, and of particular start-ups like craft breweries (along with tech incubators, arts companies, manufacturing “maker spaces,” and others) in bringing life to fringe areas of recovering cities, I talked […]

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On National Beer Day, Craft Brewers Improving Water, and Life,

In More Ways than One

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Three Ways of Thinking About Fresno (and Why You Should Care)

A beleaguered city shows the path toward revival.

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The Hard Road to Making Hard Liquor

A look at a nascent distillery in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley

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What the Beer Industry and the Computer Industry Have in Common

They grew up in the same era and, despite some obvious differences, have some surprising parallels.

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Pennsylvania’s Beer Economy

Brewers have been perfecting their recipes in this part of the country since the middle of the 19th century.

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Ice Cream, Chocolate, Coffee, and Beer

Take ingredients and blend, for small-town synergy.

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Beer Porn: The Alchemist Cannery

Going to the source, to find a highly celebrated and nearly unobtainable beer.