Local Institutions

Geo-Journalism Illustrates & Expands the Story

An interactive map of the Columbus, Ohio Library system illustrates the power of maps in reporting.


Libraries During the Pandemic

This is a report about how that drama is playing out in one sizable American city, and what its lessons indicate for the country as a whole.

Big Little Ideas

Why Some Libraries Are Eliminating Fines

Are fines consistent with a fundamental mission of libraries: to serve the public with information and knowledge? And to address that mission equitably across the diverse population of rich and poor library users?

Economic & Business Development

When Small Towns Take the Big Stage

Connecting Ajo, Columbus, and Erie

Local Institutions


Everyone knows about first responders. I've come to think of libraries as playing a crucial role as "second responders."

Economic & Business Development

Shifting Back to Better News: What’s Happening in Ohio

Ohio Statehouse, in Columbus, last year. No, this story is not about the Ohio primaries! (Deborah Fallows) A big theme of our March issue cover stories (main story here; “11 signs of success” checklist; “Library Card“) is that one the bleakest aspect of modern America is the one now dominating the headlines: the dysfunction and bitterness […]


A New Vocabulary for American Towns

Three 21st-century words that are driving the nation's most dynamic municipalities

Local Institutions

A Field Trip to America’s Public Libraries

How they serve the needs of their communities


When a Community College Transforms a City

Ohio State University may be the local titan, but Columbus State Community College has also become a formidable presence.


The Flying Housewife

50 years ago, Jerrie Mock became the first woman to fly solo around the world.


Hip in the Heartland

It's not just Brooklyn and the Bay Area any more

Economic & Business Development

Going Home to Columbus

A generation returns to build lives and a town.

Economic & Business Development

National Problems, Local Solutions: More Reports From Ohio

America and Americans in the active, not passive, mode

Economic & Business Development

When ‘Collaboration’ Is More Than a Buzzword

The story of a business partnership that stands to boost the economy of Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding region


A Creative Way to Educate Low-Income Students

In Columbus, Ohio, an innovative school has patched together state funds, work study, and grants to give at-risk kids a high-quality education.


Ingredients of a Better City: How Arts Play Their Part

A soft-power approach to hard economic and social problems