Economic & Business Development

Why an F-16 Hit a Cessna, and Some More-Upbeat Updates

Sobering news from the NTSB, but encouraging news from Maine to California

Economic & Business Development

From Xizhou to Eastport to Ajo: Big Dreams in Small Towns

The same kind of ambition you see in political campaigns, races for sports championships, or attempts to score a big IPO—but toward a different end.

From the Readers

East, West, and Points in Between

Where the Pacific Ocean is east of the Atlantic

From the Readers

There’s a Reason They Call It ‘Eastport’

East is east, and west is west, and the twain can meet -- sort of


On the Limits, but Also the Power, of Local Narratives

The stories cities tell about themselves, and the difference that makes.

Economic & Business Development

When Rails Make the Difference, From Down East to the Southwest

The loss of rail service into a small Maine town has been crippling


Building a Museum: Report From Down East

A Maine couple defies the odds -- and helps to build community in the process.


‘Tis the L.L.Bean Season

For Pinball Wizards and Wicked Good Wieners

Reports From America

Do You Speak Eastport?

A town teaches itself to talk positive.


An Educational Surprise From Down East: Maine Maritime Academy

How a school you've (probably) never heard of is preparing students for good jobs.


Report from Rural Maine

What it takes to make a school


Down East Down Under

When ships sailing downwind are sailing east

Economic & Business Development

Small Town, Big Tides, Bigger Ambitions

Ocean Renewable Power in Eastport

Parks, Rec & Fun

Two Ways of Looking at a Landing

"The sea gull ... that would have been the worst."

Parks, Rec & Fun

Flying Up Down East

Travel to Eastport

Parks, Rec & Fun

Eastport Road Map

Global Meets Local in a Very Small Town