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The End of the Journey

N435SR parked at its new home at the San Bernardino Airport in California (Deborah Fallows) Arriving in Tucson, we felt the inklings of coming full circle with our American Futures project. Only one more leg of our journey, about 400 miles, before we reached our destination of the San Bernardino airport, and on to a writing base at the University […]


All Progress Is Local:

New Year's Notes from Around the Country

Economic & Business Development

Talking About a Second Gilded Age, With ‘On Point’ Listeners

Members of San Bernardino’s “Generation Now” last year. The NYT has a story about work they and others are doing to improve a hard-pressed city. (Deborah Fallows) Two updates today: 1) On Point. I spoke today with Tom Ashbrook of WBUR and his On Point audience, about my contention (in the current cover story) that even in this time […]


How America Is Putting Itself Back Together

Most people in the U.S. believe their country is going to hell. But they’re wrong. What a three-year journey by single-engine plane reveals about reinvention and renewal.

Economic & Business Development

Pitching in to Save a Library

In San Bernardino, one way to help save the city is to save its library.

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Welcome Our Newest National Monuments!

Often it seems that modern presidents can't do anything — except wage war. Here's a heartening exception.

From the Readers

The San Bernardino Story: Fire Fighters Weigh In

Who is to blame when a struggling city runs out of money? A public-safety worker says it's unfair to point the finger at him and his colleagues. Plus, a young resident of the city discovers reasons to hope.

Economic & Business Development

Building for the Future, In California’s Famously Failed City

Can education save San Bernardino?


A High School That Changes Lives, One at a Time

Teachers and students in a bankrupt California city, determined to make progress


Post-Memorial Day Note: Another Kind of Service, San Bernardino

"I don't just sit around. I don't sleep much. That's what I do. I do stuff." The story of a man determined to do something for his town.

Leaders & Governance

Today a Bankrupt City Votes on Its Next Steps

"We've gotten used to gridlock and stalemate at the national level. This is what it looks like for a city." What civic dysfunction has in common with excessive CEO pay, and why it matters.

Economic & Business Development

What It’s Like When Your City Goes Broke

San Bernardino, California, is poor, and has a high unemployment rate, and is affected by drought, and is in bankruptcy court. But its real problem is something else.


‘Generation Now’

What people do when there seems to be nothing to do.

From the Readers

Ask and Ye Shall Be Told, Mystery Airplane Edition

Sometimes crowdsourcing pays off.

Parks, Rec & Fun

When I Grow Up …

Darth Vader vs. Casper the Friendly Ghost, on an airport tarmac

Economic & Business Development

On SOTU Day, Some Next Steps in Civic Life

A conference in Washington, a development across the country