How America Is Putting Itself Back Together

Most people in the U.S. believe their country is going to hell. But they’re wrong. What a three-year journey by single-engine plane reveals about reinvention and renewal.

Reports From America

A Police Shooting Case in Mississippi

Protest march in Columbus, Mississippi (Ricky Ball a Cry for Justice) Over the past few years we’ve mentioned many of the positive developments underway in the three counties of northern Mississippi (Lowndes, Clay, and Oktibbeha) collectively known as the “Golden Triangle.” They’re featured in my current cover story; in the video that the Atlantic’s team has produced; in the discussion […]


Mississippi Students Write About Life in Their Home State

Inspiring young writers connect with their literary legacy


Punching Above Their Weight in Mississippi

Mississippi schools come in #49 in many national rankings. Read these essays and poems by high school students from Columbus, Mississippi. Then tell the folks who make up the rankings that they need a different algorithm.


American Futures Updates, from MS to AZ to CA

NPR conveys the sound of an innovative school in Mississippi, plus other news from the road


‘The Blue and the Gray’

A historically oriented performance comes from New York to the Southern site that inspired it.

Economic & Business Development

It Takes a Village to Staff a Factory

"It indeed is an oasis, but the passion and commitment are replicable elsewhere." A Kenyan-born man working in Mississippi on some of the things the state has done right.

Economic & Business Development

Raj Shaunak and the Economic Boom in Eastern Mississippi

It's one thing to draw high-skill, high-wage jobs to a place that has historically lacked opportunities. It's something else altogether to find people qualified to fill them. A local answer to a national question.

From the Readers

Reparations, from Minnesota to Mississippi

The regional differences, and similarities, in the long struggle to come to terms with racial injustice in the United States.


Now That Mississippi Is in the News

Can the media avoid a freak-show tone?


Build Your Own 3D Printer

High-school science projects from Mississippi


The Endless Civil War Goes On

Northerners and Southerners, blacks and whites, grapple once more with the question of "what's the worst we will put up with?"

Economic & Business Development

The Endless Civil War, Continued

"Should the people in Mississippi stay poor? I would suggest taking a serious look at the answer 'yes'." So says a reader who lives elsewhere.


The Modern Orphans of Mississippi

"Actually, the children live very well."

Economic & Business Development

Heavy Industry in the Mississippi ‘Prairie’:

Why Are These Factories Here?


The Civil War That Does Not End

How to talk, in the 21st century, about the war that divided the country in the 19th century, and the racial patterns set up by slavery long before